Practice Schedule

Swim Team holds practices every Monday – Thursday beginning on Monday, May 16 and ending on Tuesday, June 22. Please bring both your suit and shorts/running shoes the first week. You will also need goggles at every practice. Swim caps will be provided.

5/16 – 6/22
Monday – Thursday

10 & under—5:30 pm – 6:15 pm
11 & up—6:15 pm – 7:00 pm

Saturday Stroke Clinics

Every Saturday during the Swim Team season our coaches will offer a ONE hour swim clinic for those swimmers looking to work on their stroke and times. These clinics are NOT swim lessons so your little swimmer will need to know how to already swim to attend. If you are interested in private swim lessons, you can contact our head coaches Cozette Mitchem or Logan Dooley to set up a lesson.

9:15  am – 10:15 am
Sign-up ahead of time – $10.00 per swimmer
max 20 swimmers
Sign up for a Saturday clinic now!

Mock swim meet

There will be a mock swim meet sometime before the first official meet. The purpose of this meet is an orientation for parents and swimmers for meets, volunteer roles, and swimmer expectations. All swimmers and parents are expected to attend. More information to come.


Email Email Cozette Mitchem, or Logan Dooley.