John Mitzel, 1943 – 2014

JohnnyGrillShannon Park lost a friend, mentor, father figure, and all around wonderful man on June 12, 2014. John Mitzel was Shannon Park Swim Club. Not only was he there with his perennially tanned skin and giant smile every day of the pool season, but he came to the pool every single day of the off-season just to make sure things were okay. And when they weren’t okay he took care of them. Or told us what to do to take care of them.

At some point in your life at the pool, Johnny inevitably sauntered over to you, shirt unbuttoned, bare feet, toothpick in mouth, to talk about some pool-related tidbit or another. I don’t imagine a member in history escaped getting to know Johnny. And we’re all the luckier for that.

Commenting on all he did for Shannon Park, Wendy Tonetti said it perfectly: “If you knew John, then we don’t need to explain. And if you didn’t know John, then there’s no way to explain.”

Rest in peace, Johnny. We love you.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

In lieu of flowers, the family has asked for contributions to Harrison Frye’s college fund.

To contribute to this fund, go to any Wells Fargo branch and give them Harrison’s first and last name and birth date (Harrison Frye – 12/31/97). Any teller should be able to handle this contribution.

December 17, 2014

Dear Shannon Park friends,

I am not sending cards this year for fear of leaving someone out.  I just want to say to all of you how very much you mean to me, and how loved you were by my precious man.  Of course, I am feeling so sad and empty this year with both of my men gone from me.  I am blessed to have a loving daughter, Lara, Harrison and many wonderful friends who have kept me going and encouraged me with love and prayers.

If he were here, he would say how much each of you meant to him, and how he loved caring for that wonderful place where we gathered and raised our kids and grandkids.  I try to dwell on the wonderful times we all shared as a family and the memories we have to call on when I feel alone.

I wish for each of you a great, beautiful, joy-filled Christmas, and a wonderful new year to come.

My love, and Johnny’s too…Dianne