Weekend #2 is coming!

Evening families!

Just a few quick reminders as the second weekend of Shannon Park Pool is right around the corner.
  • If you have joined, and are still not on the SignUpGenius list (needed for entry), please reach out to me and I will get you added.
  • Drive the speed limit in the neighborhood coming to, and leaving, the property
  • When the lot is full, the first option for overflow parking is the field, second option is the far side of the street
  • Please watch your alcohol content, this is a family club and we want to keep it that way
  • Don’t steal, this goes without saying
  • Do not save seats. This is not your elementary school lunchroom where you need to sit by your friends. If your friends want to sit by you, I recommend they get to the pool the same time you do.
Which brings me to another point. Do we have a chair shortage, yes, and we are working on it. But we also have a deck space issue, which we can’t do anything about. To be a good member of the pool, take only the minimal amount of chairs needed for your family. The pool was built when we had 75 families, not what we have currently, so just be a good person and take what you need, and leave for others.
Also, fantastic work to everyone that contributed to the swim team’s first win last night at Painted Tree!  Separate emails will be coming around the next two meets happening this upcoming week to the swim team specific distribution list.
Pool will close early on  6/9 (4:30)  due to the swim meet.
Lastly, the Board understands that COVID is still a thing, and we would like you all to report any positive cases to cartistagency@yahoo.com. We understand that CDC recommendations have changed over the years in regards to what you need to do when exposed based on various criteria, but in order for us to be cautious for those that want to know if they are exposed, please send an email.
Outside of all of the above, let’s have some fun and enjoy another great weekend at the pool!
Dan Isaacs