Swim Team Updates 5/9

Morning families, and happy Monday! I am still gathering the content for the introductory email to be sent out later on this evening, but I wanted to get this information over to you.
We finally heard back from OMEGA sports, and most of the swimsuits (probably to no one’s surprise) are on backorder. We will have our swim caps for uniformity, but here is what we suggest.
You can go to OMEGA sports at Park Road Shopping Center for suit fitting, and any one of the employees can help. Please mention you are with Shannon Park, as they know what we have ordered in the past, as well as they know the situation we are in. If they do not have it in stock, they can order and you pay when it arrives. They should give you 20% off, which also includes goggles, etc.
You can also get solid colored suits (we recommend Black, Navy, or Light Blue) at Dicks.
We are also trying to arrange a ‘swimsuit swap’ at our first practice for those that have been on the team in years past to trade in, trade up. More on that in the next little bit.
Stay tuned… lots of communication coming!
Dan Isaacs