Set you alarms! 5:30 tonight sign ups for the weekend (including Monday) go live!

Afternoon families!

Quick note around signups for the long weekend. You will receive an email at 5:30 tonight with a link to the sign-ups, as well as a password you will use to access the site.

  • This will go to the email you put on the google sheet when you registered for the pool.
  • You can book three (3) shifts over the three-day weekend (Sat, Sun, Mon) initially.
  • Shifts are 11:00-1:30, 2:00-4:30 and 5:00-7:30
  • On Saturday morning, the 3 shift blocker will be released and any open shifts may be filled in regardless if you have reached your 3 shift allotment.
  • There is also a link to the weekday shifts (Tues-Fri).
  • There is no limit on these shifts (or maximum #) throughout the week.
  • We ask that if you plan on coming to the pool during the week to sign up in S.U.G. This will take the place of our pen and paper sign-in procedure in the past.
  • Please note the pool will close early on this upcoming Tuesday and Thursday for Swim Meets

This should be all the information you need for this evening. I know I can speak for the entire Board that we are really excited about this season, and can’t wait to see everyone poolside!

Bear with us as we get through these first few weekends, which are historically the busiest. The Board will continue to monitor COVID metrics, as well as pool usage numbers in hopes of allowing guests and potentially doing away with weekend signups as long as we can do it while remaining compliant with regulations and providing the safest possible environment for everyone’s enjoyment to hang out at the best spot on the East Side!

More details to come tomorrow!

Dan Isaacs