The Final Countdown!

Hey families, and happy Friday!

So wanted to get some information in front of you in preparation for next weekend, our first pool weekend of the 2021 season!

Work Days this Saturday and Sunday 1:00-4:00:
We need your help! Bring clippers, weed whackers, blowers, edgers, all cleaning supplies! We have a good amount of items to wipe down and put that Shannon Park Shine on, as well as clearing the area around the outside of the fence. There was also a huge tree that fell during the off season on the back of property. Also, if anyone has a chainsaw, while not vital to opening, I would love to get this cut up and out to the street! Should be a nice day(s) to put in some elbow grease and get the pool ready for next weekend. Also, on Sunday, we will be doing our neighborhood good deeds and partake in our ‘Adapt a Street’ program and walk the length of Grafton and pick up trash. As you all may be aware, we have made an initiative over the past few years to give back to the Shannon Park community, and be a good neighbor to everyone in the neighborhood.

Memorial Day Weekend Sign Up Procedure:
Yes COVID is still a thing. And also our sign up procedure last year was well received. So for at least for the first few weekends (including Memorial Day) we will have the membership sign up for slots. The slots will be the same time as last year and are 1) 11:00-1:30 2) 2:00- 4:30 and 3) 5:00-7:30. This allows for not only controlling our capacity and deck space, but also gives the lifeguards 30 minutes to sanitize in between shifts. On Wednesday May 26th at 5:30 PM, sign ups will ‘go live’ on Sign Up Genius. You will be able to get three (3) slots over the three day weekend. Spread them out, take them all on one day, doesn’t matter! Then on Saturday at 9:00am, we will release the blocker and any spots open you will be able to claim regardless if you have hit your 3 slot limit. Our goal is to maximize an equitable usage of the pool. Our guards will have the SUG pulled up at check in, and check off members as they come in and show ID. We also ask that if you are feeling ill, stay home. If you have been in contact with anyone with COVID, stay home. Use hand sanitizer. and social distance as best as possible. Also, should you sign up for a shift and can’t make it, be responsible and cancel your shift so another member can enjoy the pool during the slot. Also, please note that the email you registered with, that is on the Google Sheet will be the email that the SUG will go to. Plan accordingly! We are hoping that numbers trend the right way and sign ups will go away over the next few weeks.

Post Memorial Day Procedures:
The pool will be open at 11:00 AM everyday this year. While we are not having a maximum capacity during the weekday (Mon-Fri, Tues- Fri during holiday weeks), we ask that you sign up for the day on SUG so we know who is using the pool, and should we have any COVID positive cases, we will have a good idea of who to contact and let them know to be aware of symptoms if they develop.This will replace the paper sign ups we have had in previous years.

Friday Dogs and Burgers:
Starting June 4th, from 5:00-6:00, we will try out selling burgers, veggie burgers and hot dogs to raise money for items around the pool that need attention. We are hoping this will be well received, and can keep this up throughout the summer, but should it not be beneficial for the pool, and to the Board Members tending to the grill, we will discontinue it. For the month of June, all monies raised will go towards new lifeguard chairs that will allow our wonderful lifeguards to keep a better eye on everyone in the pool!

Baby Pool:
It is unfortunate, but we are at the mercy of the local government, and as we all can assume, the local government is not moving at the pace we want them to. We have the dollars allocated, but at this moment there is no movement on when we can get the baby pool open. The Board understands that what makes Shannon Park great is that we are a family club first and foremost, and that getting the baby pool operational is something that we are continually pushing for. As soon as we hear from the city, we will let you know. We have been on their books for the last couple of months, so hopefully our permit will be pulled soon.

The Board has put a lot of time into thinking about everything at Shannon Park over the past few months, and while it seems like a lot of ‘regulations’, I can assure you that everything stated above is for the membership’s enjoyment, and most of all safety! Some other reminders around other policies to start the year:

  • Shark Shack card only
  • Guests not permitted at this time (Constantly evaluating this on a weekly basis, but the Board feels we need to take care of the membership first)
  • C’mon y’all, sign up for some after hours adult parties, it’s the best deal in town!
  • Use our grills, but wipe down after use!
  • Have fun spending time with your fellow members!

Lastly, feel free to reach out to me if you have any comments or suggestions on how to make our pool, and our pool community better. Our volunteer Board are just 8 voices at the pool, and we welcome any suggestions that would be beneficial for the pool as a whole. Last year was tough for everyone for numerous reasons, but while we are not 100% clear of this virus, we are confident that we will be able to provide a safe environment, as well as a place that brings some normalcy to everyone’s life.

I know I’m counting down the days, and hope to see everyone poolside!

Dan Isaacs