Feels good to be in the three week countdown!

Hey families!

I hope everyone has been enjoying this Chamber of Commerce weather over the past few weeks, and dreaming about how awesome this summer is going to be sitting poolside at the best club on the East Side!

I wanted to get some information out to you all, as we are now three weeks away from opening! Despite all of my thoughts around this email, i’m sure i will leave something out that someone wants to know… so if i do, i am one electronic mail message away from you getting your answers! The Board has been working hard in trying to make sure that we have another successful, and most importantly, safe season at Shannon Park! Our pool passed inspection this week, so we are official and are ready to swim! Below are some bullet points that you will want to take note of:

Swim Team: Separate communications around the swim team have, and will be, going out. Thankfully my lovely wife Mary has decided to step up and help manage the Sharks this year. While it will not be like other years, i promise this is going to be a great way for the kids to burn off some energy and get in the pool with their friends! First practice will be on May 17th.

Pool Work Days: May 22 and 23, 1:00-4:00. We need everyone’s help in getting the property ready for the season! Pulling weeds, landscaping, cutting up trees, cleaning bathrooms, dusting off the Shark Shack, fixing chairs, no job is too big, and no job is too small! We have also combined the Sunday work day with our adopt a street program (Grafton Dr.) that Kevin Wheeler has been taking on, so that weekend will be a good weekend to give back to the pool, as well as the neighborhood!

Hours: Opening Memorial Day Saturday at 11:00AM. We will be conducting sign ups for slots for Saturday, Sunday and Monday of Memorial Day weekend to limit the crowds, and to stay compliant with our # of members that are allowed inside the gate. Based on current membership #’s each family will be able to sign up for at least one shift on each day of Memorial Day weekend. More on timing of when we will ‘go live’ with sign ups in the next week.

Hours post Memorial Day weekend: Starting Tuesday 6/1, we will continue to be open at 11:00AM 7 days a week. We are going to have a ‘open’ sign up genius, so while there will be no limit on how much you can use the pool during the weekday (normal Monday- Friday), we would like for you all to sign up for the day so we can monitor pool usage. Saturdays and Sundays for the beginning will be done on signing up for slots, but as i stated above, with current numbers you all will be able to come both weekend days to the pool should you wish!

Diving Boards: Open from minute one and ready for belly flops and flips!

Shark Shack: As with last year, credit card only, and we are bringing back in addition to the packaged products, corn dogs and pretzels!

Baby Pool: We are at the mercy of the City Inspectors, but our pool company is working with them to get them out to the property, get the pump replaced and get the baby pool back in business. We have allocated the funds, and once we get the go ahead, we will get it fixed for the enjoyment of our little Sharks as soon as possible!

Friday evening grilling: On Friday, June 4th, we will be selling burgers, hot dogs and veggie burgers at dinner time. We will see how the participation and excitement goes over the week(s), and if this is something that is beneficial moving forward, then we will continue it. We are thinking of this as a good way for the pool to make a little extra money, give the parents a night off from cooking, and build some camaraderie with the membership at the pool!

Guests: We plan on keeping the pool ‘members only’ until we see how the usage is, as well as gauge the COVID metrics across the region as the summer goes on. We are not saying no guests all year, but we want to make sure that the membership is taken care of first, and that we offer a safe environment for you all.

Parties: I know everyone has dreamed of a 40 something birthday party after hours at the pool as the sun is going down and hanging out with your friends with your legs dangling in the pool. We are now accepting reservations for after hours parties all summer long. More information can be found on the website.

Merch: Hell yes we are going to have some new merchandise this year! Trucker hats, koozies, shirts, visors, we have a lot of really awesome items, and designs, planned!

It has been a weird last 12-14 months for sure, but it makes me happy in that I know we can give the membership some normalcy in a world right now that doesn’t have a lot of normalcy. We appreciate the returning members, as well as the new members coming into our pool community! Lots more information to follow in the next week or so, and lots of poolside fun is in our future!

Dan Isaacs