And now we are at T Minus 44 days!

Evening families!

Hope things have been going well! As I promised last night, here is a whole lot of information on how the 2021 season is going to play out. While the state has loosened restrictions on activities, we as a Board are still taking the virus seriously, and want to be able to give you all a safe place to hang out this summer! I hope i will touch on everything you all need to know, but it’s been a long year and i’m sure i will forget something!

Opening Date: Saturday May 29th

Monday- Fridays: Come as you will, no signups

Saturdays and Sundays (and holiday Mondays): 3 shifts a day. (Please note that these shifts will be to maximize equitable usage of the pool, as well as not overcrowd the deck. Based on membership #’s come mid-May, we will decide # of families per shift, as well as number of shifts a family can get at release of shifts)

Guests: Not at this moment, but we will be constantly reviewing when guests can be accommodated to ensure no disruption or hindering of social distancing to our membership.

Parties: After hours only. (new pool party contract being drafted by SPP Legal Team as we speak)

Payment of Shark Shack goodies: Card Only

Baby Pool: Actively working to get this open by opening day (As our pool company has pointed out, it’s on the struggle bus, but we will fix it!)

Diving Boards: OPEN!

Sign In Procedure: Contactless and hand sanitizer encouraged!

Please note we will continue to monitor everything going on around COVID and could modify these regulations in hopes that things get progressively better throughout the season

So very high level details above. The Board will be meeting 3 more times before opening weekend, so we will continue to add some more color to the items outlined, but this will hopefully give you a good idea of what to expect this season. As i mentioned earlier, we are not as locked down as last year, but what we as a Board need to do is make sure that Shannon Park Pool remains a place that is as safe as possible for every member. And i think we will provide this with how we are preparing, and with the cooperation of all of you, our fantastic members that keep the pool operational!

Dan Isaacs