Shannon Park Sharks Swim Team

Welcome to the 2018 season!

It takes all of us to pull off a stellar swim season. Parents are needed to help make everything run smoothly, from meets to ribbons to the end-of-the-year banquet. Be prepared to sign up for at least one volunteer role per meet. And we thank you in advance for your help!

Here are some important dates:

April 12 – Team registration opens
April 15 – Bathing suit fittings begin at Omega Sports

May 13 – Deadline to order your NEW suit (last year’s suits are close enough in color to work again for this year.)
May 14 – Practices begin: Bring both swim suit and land practice gear (shorts and tennis shoes.)

May 30 – mock meet during practice

May 31 – first away swim meet
June 4 – first home swim meet

2018 Swim Team Fees: First child – $85 / Second child – $75 / Each additional child – $65

Bathing suit not included. Team suits need to be ordered by May 13th. (Last year’s suits are close enough in color to be worn again.) Suit Fittings will be at Omega Sports at Park Rd. Shopping Center starting on April 15.


It’s pretty simple, actually. Coaches lead team practices Monday through Thursday. These will include both dry-land and time in the water. Attend as many practices per week as you can. Meets are in the evenings, once or twice per week. Home meets are a family affair — we all work together to make them awesome. After the season is over, we have a banquet. And a good time is had by all.

Tell me more about swim meets.

Before each meet, you will receive an email asking you to declare whether or not your child will attend that meet. It’s extremely important that you respond to this email because the coaches are too busy with other aspects of the meet to follow up with you. If you don’t respond your child will not be able to swim. Arrive at the meets on time, and encourage your child to swim their best.

Who decides who swims which races?

Throughout the season the coaches are making decisions about which races are best for which swimmers. Sometimes your child may end up swimming different events than the ones they hoped for. But please be patient and supportive. The coaches will work with everyone to make sure they feel comfortable and, most of all, confident.

2018 Team Calendar

Thursday, May 31 – Away meet vs. TBD

Monday, June 4 – Home meet vs. TBD

Complete schedule to come…

Away meets begin at 6:00pm except where noted.
Home meets begin at 5:30pm
Please arrive at all meets 30 minutes early, for warmups.

Parent Lead Volunteer Roles

  • Meet Computer Captain

  • Ribbons

  • Concessions: Grill Master

  • Concessions: Grill Shopper

  • Concessions: Shark Shack coordinator

  • Home Meet Set Up Captain (including heat sheets, schedules, etc)

  • Meet Volunteer Captain (arranges for timers, computer runner, stroke judges, announcer, kid wrangler)

  • End of Year Gifts Coordinator

  • End of Year Banquet Coordinator

Meet Expectations

  • Cheer REALLY loudly.
  • Arrive on time. 5:30. Warm-up prevents injury, and it gets our team in gear!
  • Help make sure your child is aware of when they are swimming. Swimmers need to pay attention to the meet and be ready to swim, and parents are the best way to make sure that happens!
  • Be ready to engage and volunteer and generally support the team.
  • At home meets we sell baked goods and grilled items to earn some money, so if you like to bake, we’d love to have your goodies to sell!
  • Also, at the end of every home meet, be ready TO DANCE. It’s pretty much required.

Sign Up for Home Meet Jobs

Hosting swim meets is a team effort, and it’s fun! We’ll have a signup sheet for you soon so you can choose your jobs for all home meets (including the Mock Meet).

Contact Information

Claire Helm
Swim Team Coordinator