Shannon Park Sharks Swim Team

Welcome to the 2021 season!

Meets will be virtual this year. “Virtual?” you say? Yep, and guess what—we’re stoked. Like, REALLY stoked. Here’s why:

  • We’ll have all our meets in our own pool.
  • Kids will still “race” other teams. Times will be tracked by us and the league to determine winners. Ribbons will still be handed out.
  • We’ll get to play our own fun music. (That the kids like, obvi.)
  • You’ll still get to smell the tantalizing smells of the Swim Team Grill Station at every meet. Yup, we know you can smell it now.
  • And did we mention “Virtual” means everything will be at Shannon Park Pool? That means everything will run smoother and quicker for our team.

One big happy team.

It takes all of us to pull off a stellar swim season. We need your help, otherwise this team can’t exist! If you sign your child to up for the team, you’ll have to sign up to volunteer at least one slot during the season. Think of it less as being a volunteer and more as being part of the team. As an added bonus, your street credit will be legendary when you tell your friends and coworkers that you are on a swim team. That’s right.

Dan Black, Claire Helm and Mary Isaacs are, perhaps, the most formidable trio assembled in the Carolinas, however, even they cannot run it alone. There are lots of jobs, but don’t worry—most are super easy. Jobs include (but are not limited to):

  • lane timer
  • head timer
  • runner
  • stroke judge
  • starts (sounding the horn)
  • grill master
  • cashier
  • baking for baked goods we sell
  • etc.

Bottom line: Think of the Swim Team and volunteering as a time to hang out with friends in a COVID safe environment, and just a really good time! And we thank you in advance for your help!

Older Kids:

Look older kids, you’re at the stage of your lives where we really hate to admit this, but we need you. We have a really great group of older kids all ready to swim (some include our lifeguards!) You just need to be under 19 to do it. Seriously, sign up your older kids, they will have a great time and it’s good for them!

55, cincuenta y cinco, fünf­und­fünfzig, cinquante-cinq, fem­og­halvtreds, fifty-five:

The Golden Number! We need at least 55 swimmers to make this happen. (Thank you to everyone who completed the survey.) If we don’t reach 55, then we will refund everyone their dues. In true Shannon Park Pool fashion, we keep everything as affordable as we can, but we have dues and coaches we must pay. Also we are getting NEW swim blocks this year (if we get enough people to sign up!)

Team Managers:

A huge thank you to Dan Black and Claire Helm for stepping up yet again. That said, we need other parents to be willing to join the board and run the Swim Team next year. I mean, have you seen Dan Black? He’s looking pretty old. So, tag your bestie at the pool, volunteer this year, learn the ropes and help us next year.

Shannon Park Pool is amazing because of you. Your energy. Your ideas. Your participation. Please consider helping us out next year, otherwise we can’t make this happen. Please email Mary Isaacs if you are considering being a team manager next year.

Meet dates:

Weeks of 5/27, 6/1, 6/3, 6/7, 6/10, 6/14, 6/17 with the All Stars on 6/22.

2021 Swim Team Fees: First child – $100 / Each additional child – $85

Bathing suit not included.


It’s pretty simple, actually. Coaches lead team practices Monday through Thursday. These will include both dry-land and time in the water. Attend as many practices per week as you can. Meets are in the evenings, once or twice per week. Home meets are a family affair — we all work together to make them awesome. After the season is over, we have a banquet. And a good time is had by all.

Tell me more about swim meets.

Before each meet, you will receive an email asking you to declare whether or not your child will attend that meet. It’s extremely important that you respond to this email because the coaches are too busy with other aspects of the meet to follow up with you. If you don’t respond your child will not be able to swim. Arrive at the meets on time, and encourage your child to swim their best.

Meet Expectations

  • Cheer REALLY loudly.
  • Arrive on time. 5:30. Warm-up prevents injury, and it gets our team in gear!
  • Help make sure your child is aware of when they are swimming. Swimmers need to pay attention to the meet and be ready to swim, and parents are the best way to make sure that happens!
  • Be ready to engage and volunteer and generally support the team.
  • We sell baked goods and grilled items to earn some money, so if you like to bake, we’d love to have your goodies to sell!
  • Also, at the end of every home meet, be ready TO DANCE. It’s pretty much required.

Sign Up for Home Meet Jobs

Hosting swim meets is a team effort, and it’s fun! We’ll have a signup sheet for you soon so you can choose your jobs for all home meets (including the Mock Meet).

Contact Information

Swim Team Coaches:

Cozette Mitchem

Tyler Beton

Swim Team Coordinator:

Mary Isaacs