Pool Parties

This one's for you, party people!

After-hour parties are back. Book now!

Ain’t no party like a Shannon Park party cuz a Shannon Park party don’t stop.

That’s right, y’all. Have your party at Shannon Park* and set the bar high. The pool is available for members to rent for after-hour parties from 8 pm – 11 pm. You MUST be a Shannon Park Pool Member to rent the pool for a party. All parties are subject to Shannon Park Board approval. And parties must be booked 14 days in advance. (This is to make sure we have enough lifeguards on duty.) Here are all the deets:

After-Hours Parties

Reserve the pool after-hours for a flat fee of $300. This covers the cost of all guests, lifeguards, and having the pool to yourselves for 3 hours. Parties MUST stop at 11:00 pm, NO exceptions!

This fee does not cover the cost of food or refreshments — you supply your own, and agree to handle clean-up. (Members hosting a pool party are responsible for their guests. Please remember there is a hard NO GLASS rule! Make sure your guests do NOT have glass. Otherwise you will be fined $50 per glass bottle found.)

Daytime Parties

The worst part of our jobs is being party poopers. Alas, sometimes, someone has to do it …

We are not offering daytime parties at this time.

Ready to party? Let’s book it!

Step 2: PayPal us to get this party started.

After your PayPal payment goes through, you’ll be taken to step 3. If you prefer to pay by check or cold, hard cash, email Moe and she can take care of you directly.

After-hours Pool Party: $400.00

Step 3: Fill in the reservation form.

After your PayPal payment goes through, you’ll be sent to the reservation form. If you are not paying via PayPal, contact Moe Moore and she’ll hook you up.

*In order to reserve the pool for a party, you must be a member of Shannon Park Swim Club and you must agree to our Pool Party Terms and Conditions. All parties must be approval by the Pool Board.

Contact Moe Moore for more information.