Neighborhood Connect Program

As many of you know, our pool doesn’t have many members who actually LIVE in the neighborhood. We have as a community been making an effort to connect to the neighborhood with limited success. This year was different! One of our members, Mark Crowson, invited a bunch of the kids in one day and well … We piloted a program (modeled after Myers Park Trinity Baseball) this year to sponsor neighborhood kids at the pool and IT WORKED! So thanks Mark for getting the ball rolling!

Many of you have expressed an interest in getting involved which is AWESOME! Here’s how you can help.

  1. Make a donation to help sponsor a swimmer for the summer. Funds will recover costs of members, pay for potential lifeguard increase and purchase swim team gear (5, 10, 25, Other). Sorry, I don’t think they are tax deductible although they should be.
  2. Agree to be a Member Sponsor (it basically means you’re comfortable being the adult presence while the swimmer is at the pool. You should consider this option if you regularly attend, you are NOT required to be available at any specific times – most of us usually sent the swimmer a txt or told them what our car looked like, LOL – very formal)
  3. Do both!

This was a great program, the kids had a blast and they were GREAT kids! Thanks to all the members who agreed to be the adult presence and those who jumped in to teach the kids to swim better, dive, and even flip!

If this ain’t your jam – please don’t feel any pressure. If you have any questions please email the President (Dan) directly.

Meet Tay, AJ, Talek and Rasheka. These 4 swimmers were regulars at the pool this year along with 6 or 7 of their friends. We had 6 families come by the pool for discovery day too! The board has decided to formalize these efforts for next year, so here’s the plan!

  • Have a sign up table during work days where “scholarships are an option for children under 16”
  • Scholarship swimmers can attend the pool for $1 per visit during normal hours as long as they are accompanied by an adult or a sponsor member is present
  • Scholarship swimmers are encouraged to participate in Swim Team
  • You must reside IN Shannon Park Neighborhood to be eligible for the scholarship program
  • All appropriate waivers must be signed, all pool rules must be followed
  • We will limit summer 2018 sponsorships to 10 to start off with, to see how things go.