Swim team registration is open!

Hey Swim Team Parents! Welcome to the 2019 Season! If we don’t know each other, my name is Dan Black, and I am a FIRST TIME swim team coordinator attempting to fill the shoes of the incredible Claire Helm who has been diligently leading this role for years. So … first … I’ll do my [ keep reading… ]

Home Meet Volunteer Sign Up!

We still need volunteers for the meet tonight. We especially need stroke judges. For all the new folks, all volunteer slots are really easy and it really helps to pass the time! Please sign up here:  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0f49abab2ea3f58-volunteer13

Swim team practice this morning

We will have practice this morning. 9-9:30 shrimps, 9:15-10: 7 &10 year olds, 10-10:45: 11 and up. We will have hot chocolate to help keep you warm.

No Swim Team Tonight

Swim team practice has been canceled for tonight, May 25th. We will text you in the morning about Saturday practice.

Land Practice Again Tonight

The pool is getting closer, but we still need to be inspected. Fingers crossed that happens tomorrow or Thursday. So land practice again tonight. Same schedule as before. Claire will not be there tonight, but popsicles and scissors are in the Shark Shack. We are planning on adding optional early practices Saturday and Sunday (IN [ keep reading… ]

Land Practice Tonight

We are still waiting on the pool water to clear. (We are hoping it will be ready by tomorrow.) There’s land practice tonight. 10 and under: 5:3–6:15 then 11 and up 6:15–7:00

Swim Lessons with Shelby

Learn to swim at Shannon Park! Shelby Parrott has been a staple at Shannon Park since she was little. You’ll recognize her as one of our lifeguards and as the head coach of our very own Sharks! Swim Team. Shelby uses her experience swimming competitively for 12 years to improve the skills of swimmers at [ keep reading… ]

Swim Team Cancelled Today

There will be no swim team practice today – Friday May 12. Have a great weekend! See you on Monday!

Photos Galore!!

Hey swim team families! Dorne Pentis took about a million amazing photos of all your kids at the last home swim meet and posted them all to Dropbox. CLICK HERE to visit the Dropbox page and go through the gallery. The link has also been posted to the swim team menu tab (above) in case this update disappears.