Read this so you always get the session you want!

Morning families of Shannon Park, and happy Sunday! Last night around 9:55PM- 10:00PM you should have received this email from SignUpGenuis with some details around ensuring we have the correct email address for sign ups moving forward.

If you got this email last night, this is the email address we have on file, and what we have in sign up genius. This will be where all sign up communications from SignUpGenius will go, and will also be the email you enter when booking your slot through the site.

There were instructions in this email that if you wanted to change the ‘official’ email address to reach out to Dan Black.

If you are a member and DID NOT receive this email last night, please reach out to me and give me the email address you would like the communication from sign up genius to go to.

Remember- only one email will be on file per membership, and this will be the email that will alert you when the slots become live. And this will be the email you will have to put into sign up genius when you book.

We had a great opening day yesterday!

Today at 2:00 will be the sign ups for Monday- Sunday of next week. Remember you can sign up for four (4) shifts Monday-Friday and two (2) shifts Saturday or Sunday.

Myself, the Board and the lifeguard staff appreciated everyone’s positive attitude yesterday, and everyone’s willingness to help make yesterday a great opening day!

Dan Isaacs