Shannon Park Pool Update-Thursday

Good evening SPP families, and happy Thursday!

So when the founding members created Shannon Park Pool back in the year 1965, they had no idea that 55 years later we would have a global pandemic that required online sign ups for access to the pool. Heck, even a few years ago, the Board, who has been together for years, could not envision this. Yet here we are…
Over the past few months the Board has worked long hours to figure out how we were going to open the pool up to you all, the membership. That was our #1 priority this year, giving you access to the pool in whatever capacity all the regulations, and the current state of the world, allowed.
We understand that there were some challenges this afternoon in signing up for this weekend’s slots. Despite all of our hard work, sometimes technology fails us. We figured that by granting access based on the emails that you all signed up for your membership , that we had on file, was the best avenue, but it posed some challenges. We weren’t anticipating the delay from hitting the ‘post’ button to getting the email delivered to your email account. This was the first time we have done this, but the good news for you all is that the Board is smart enough to see where those challenges were, and rectify them for our next online sign up, which is Sunday at 2:00PM.
On the bright side, based on the number of texts, emails and phone calls I received at 2:01PM, I know that there is great interest in the pool this season from you all that have joined. It brought me back to the good ol’ days of securing front row seats for your favorite band through Ticketmaster. With that being said, i want pit tickets for Phish every year they come, but sometimes they are already sold, and i settle for lawn tickets. And we have to realize as a membership that maybe your first selection(s) is not available, but you’re happy to be in the gates!
All I can say is every week, the process for the end user (the membership) will get easier and easier. While this volunteer Board has some extremely smart individuals, some with backgrounds in IT and Marketing, and have put in countless testing sessions, you are always thrown a curve ball during GoLive, and I hope that the Board can count on you all to understand that we are doing our absolute best with what we are dealt with. We have a vested interest in serving the membership by volunteering our time because we love this pool community just like all of you!
Once we got the configuration down today, and could allow all email addresses to book time outside of the ones we had on file, at 2:55PM, 55 minutes after GoLive, only two of the 6 times slots were filled.
The Board will be evaluating signups over the next 24 hours to make sure we are maximizing our 100 capacity, as well as looking at the potential for a wait list for high demand times. Also, should you have to cancel your shift you signed up for, please do so to allow other members the opportunity. Additionally, I will send out an email tomorrow with what you can expect during check in for your shift(s), as well as a friendly reminder of the regulations we have in place at least through these first 3 weeks of Phase 2.
I encourage you all to please read my emails thoroughly, they have a lot of information in them that will help you make sign ups and using the pool easier this season.
We appreciate everyone’s support, and can ensure you it only gets easier from here!
Hope to see all poolside this weekend!
Dan Isaacs