The. Pool. Is. OPEN!

4:00 PM, Friday, May 24th—it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. The gates will be open and the water will be oh, so sweet.

Now for some light pool reading material:

The past few weeks have been challenging to say the least (more on that in a minute), but our doors will open tomorrow so you can get an early evening swim in and beat the heat! The Board spent a few hours out there this evening with our fantastic crew of lifeguards and some volunteers putting the finishing touches on the property. Trident, our pool company, was out there as well finishing their vacuuming and other pool related maintenance to ensure there would be no delay in the 2019 opening. And I can confirm 100%, the water looks and feels fantastic!

If you haven’t been out to the property, or volunteered in a work day over the past month, I’ll let you know what we’ve been up to.

With full transparency, it was brought to our attention last year that we had some severe issues with the pool pump, the diameter of all the pipes, and the lack of filters that the water was traveling through before getting pumped back into the pool. We started the process of bidding out the project and moving forward on this expensive and time consuming project. When you get out to the pool, and make your inaugural jump off the high dive, take a look to the right corner and see the new filtration system. New pump, three additional sand filters, new pipes. I still don’t even know what it all does, but I can tell you it looks pretty darn sexy, and it makes the water look amazing!

Work started in January, during the wettest winter/spring Charlotte has ever seen, well at least that is what Brad Panovich tells me! We were cruising but then at the beginning of May as this project was ending, and going through the inspection process, we had another electrical issue in having to ground with copper wiring every single metal piece around the pool. This was a curve ball that none of us (including Trident) saw coming, but we figured out what needed to be done, and we got it done. This piece of the off-season projects was necessary not only pass inspections, but to make sure no one dies. As a first year President, it would be detrimental to my future endeavors as President if someone got electrocuted!

So we got to this week. Both projects completed, all inspections completed and passed. We can officially open.

So what can you expect for the rest of 2019? This was a full out effort from everyone who came out to a work day, Trident and your fantastic Board.

You can expect clear and clean water thanks to Trident.

You can feel safe knowing that we have an exceptional lifeguard staff (14 strong) thanks to Sara!

You can view our website and get all info about Shannon Park your heart desires thank to Tim!

You can enjoy all the pizza rolls and assorted candies and ice cream thanks to Tina!

You can book parties (which are already filling up) thanks to Moe!

You can read emails that don’t have typos thanks to our communications liaison Mary, who also is the most supportive wife on the planet!

You can ensure you membership is documented correctly and get two new snazzy SP keychains thanks to Ken!

You can feel good knowing the swim team is going to do great despite the few weeks of wet practice they missed thanks to Claire and MegLoDan!

And you can feel good knowing that your pool is in sound financial shape thanks to Eleanor!

I mentioned your Board because while they are volunteers, I can assure you they do not work volunteer hours. But it’s not just them that makes Shannon Park so great, it is the membership that cares and respects the facility, and understands that we have the best place in Charlotte to hang out and swim!

So… there it is! We open at 4:00 on Friday the 24th and 11:00 Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Pot Luck at 2:00 PM Monday, with the pool supplying hot dogs.

If you have any questions/ comments/ concerns/ suggestions feel free to let me know. I’d love to make sure that your time this summer is at maximum enjoyment level!

Find your swimsuits … dust off your floats … stock your coolers … IT’S GO TIME!

—Dan Issacs