Swim team registration is open!

Hey Swim Team Parents!

Welcome to the 2019 Season! If we don’t know each other, my name is Dan Black, and I am a FIRST TIME swim team coordinator attempting to fill the shoes of the incredible Claire Helm who has been diligently leading this role for years. So … first … I’ll do my best!

IMPORTANT Second! If you haven’t already, please head out to Omega Sports in Park Rd. Shopping Center to get your child(s) fitted for a swim suit. You order and pay for the suit at the time of fitting then they are delivered to us all at once. Get your suit ordered by April 30th, 2019 to be sure it arrives on time. Here’s the link to the shop https://parkroadshoppingcenter.com/retailer/omega-sports/ if CHASE is in, he’s the new Asst. Manager and we are working on this together. If not, anyone can help you. OMEGA SPORTS has the style but just in case it’s a TYR Brandello.

We will attempt to put all announcements on FB, the Shannon Park Pool site and through email. Here are some links:

Important Dates:  http://shannonparkpool.com/swim-team/

Meet Schedule: http://shannonparkpool.com/swim-team/meet-schedule/ (soon to be updated but see attached)

Practice Schedule: http://shannonparkpool.com/swim-team/practice-schedule/

If you have any questions shoot me an email and I’ll do my best to answer them!