Well that escalated quickly!

That’s right friends! We are up over 200 Memberships!!! Whoo hoo … and … WOW it’s a lot different from the days when we only had 65, but … it’s … AWESOME!!!! 60 NEW Families have joined our rag tag group and we had 136 come back for another adventure!

For those 60 NEW Families … WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME!!!! (and I’m glad some of you decided to transition from serial guest … you know who you are we love you 😉) As you can imagine, with a total of 804 potential members (if we all decided to come at once) things could get a little crazy! So here are some items your VOLUNTEER board has been discussing to maintain our cool vibe while ensuring the safety and continued operation of our little Oasis of Joy. (Ken – grab a snickers, novella around the corner.)

First a quick reminder, we are a Member Owner and Operated pool which means no one is lining their pockets with riches here outside of priceless memories for ourselves and loved ones. Which means everything YOU do to help or hinder impacts yourself, members and budget. So THANK THANK THANK YOU to all those wonderful folks who have been – picking up after themselves, cleaning up spilled food, putting away umbrellas, putting chairs back, discarding trash, crushing cans (vs. lining them up dead soldiers on the side of the pool), putting pool toys away, tossing destroyed floats, grabbing their stuff from lost and found, ensuring used band aids are discarded (ewww), using the rest rooms responsibly and accurately (men 😊), making sure their babies use the restrooms often and generally keeping top of mind our Guards are not Janitors and the pool is not their personal waste disposal area. A big hand: For a bunch of members who have gone the extra mile and helped improve the area! I won’t name any names but you know who you are! (Mark, Sarah, Scott, Paul, Tina, Tiffany, Dan I. and so many more!)

Second – LET’S TALK ABOUT GUESTS, BABY, LET’S TALK ABOUT CHANGE IN FEES, LET’S TALK ABOUT MAKING SURE THAT ALL OUR MEMBERS HAVE JOY AND GLEE … LET’S TALK ABOUT GUESTS! Believe it or not, we are averaging over 50 guests PER DAY on the weekends and 10 during the weekdays! (The capitalist in me thinks … dang, that’s a lot of potential members!) We’ve never really needed a “guest” policy per se and quite frankly aren’t interested in instilling or administering one. (remember the whole “volunteer” thing?) So, we respectfully request everyone self-govern themselves according to the following guidelines:

*   A guest should be a member if they visit us more than 3 times during the summer (outside of nannies and the like) otherwise let’s face it, you’re being used and they only like you for your pool membership. You don’t like being used do you?
*   Guest Fees are Changing! Weekday Fee: $3, Weekend Fee: $7 per guest to cover additional expenses for lifeguards, cleaning, etc. A member should limit the number of times they bring guests on the Weekends to 4 during the summer (do it as often as you like on the weekdays). We agreed (and also polled members) this was the most democratic method to handle impact.
*   An individual should bring no more than 2 guests and a family 4 guests during a guest visit, if it’s more, get with Michelle to schedule a party (everyone loves parties) PS: No Fair – 5 members getting together and each member bringing a guest and NOT calling it a Party! It’s a party people and you should schedule it! Ask yourself this question…”If all these people were to come to my house, would I take my unmentionables off the drying rack?” If the answer is YES, you are having a party. 😊
*   If you are bringing guests double up on chairs especially for the kids — it’s heart breaking to see one family bring a guest family and 4 loungers never being touched by the energetic kids.
*   Please inform your guests of the rules especially the NO GLASS and DRINKING/EATING in the pool. It’s just REALLY embarrassing for them when they get scolded by a teenager (life guard), board member or another member they don’t know. We’ve heard it all now by the way – “Is that new?”, “I didn’t see it posted.”, “Do I have to do it now?”, “I guess I should have known better.”, “Don’t worry I’ll be careful”, “I’ve never been a rule follower” and my personal favorite … “I used to be a lifeguard I know how to handle it.” (there are soooo many things wrong with this statement)

Third – MEMBERS ARE DOING AWESOME WITH BEVERAGES AND GLASS!!!! Thank you, remember when I said the county was taking harder looks at pools
[Image result for no glass] like ours? Well we’ve had surprise visits 3 times this past month already! So keep up the great work! For those of you who are new to these important

*   Food and Beverage must be kept outside the travertine (the lovely tile surrounding the pool) even when sitting pool side. For a visual example
follow this link: https://www.facebook.com/ShannonParkPool/videos/2117391104957044/
*   NO GLASS INSIDE THE FENCE – for the love of all that is holy please! If the glass is in your cooler and the coolers in the fence? You are still putting the pool in grave peril.
*   For a full list of pool rules check this link out: http://shannonparkpool.com/pool-rules/

We’ve gotten a few comments about –  [Image result for mean lifeguard] Those mean lifeguards!!  Would it help if we told you infractions DON’T go on a permanent record? Lifeguards are being a little more, how shall we say, direct and stern in their communication and they are using their whistles more often. Well – this is true, and it will continue. Please understand (especially for long time members) the dynamic of the lifeguard position has changed with the average number of people in the pool going up so much. They serve the primary function of keeping the members and the pool area a safe environment. So, if you or your child gets whistled or talked to by a guard don’t be like, “Yo man I’m an adult, I can do what I want.” Be like, “No problem valiant protector of the pool, I’ll ensure it doesn’t happen again because I know in my heart you don’t like blowing your whistle or correcting behavior because your human and conflict is probably not something you are overly comfortable with especially given your tender age but I’m glad you’ve taken this leadership role and will do all in my power to help you succeed! And, if you don’t mind my saying so, RED is a great color on you. Have a nice day.”

What update wouldn’t be complete without talking about WATER CLARITY. Ahhhh Chemistry, it’s exciting stuff! Some of you may have noticed the water isn’t as clear as in years past and on occasion the baby pool has been pretty cloudy. As much as we’d like to have a great excuse we don’t – we are in a learning curve when it comes to the pool and our friends at Trident are helping us tremendously. We have a known issue with our 52 year old main pump and our crossing our fingers it makes it through the season! Believe it or not a new pump would move 288,000 gallons of more water through the filter every day! That’s 2.7 million gallons a summer enough to fill Bank of America Stadium (I don’t know if that part is true but it sounds good!) Our filter balls (*snicker*) are also about 6” to small in diameter. The baby pool pumps and filters are also succumbing to age so they are one our radar and will need just a little coaxing this summer. So anything YOU can do to help ensure as few as contaminants as possible get into the water (especially in the baby pool) are MUCH appreciated and very helpful! Boy I just re-read this and doesn’t feel like much good news year, but FEAR NOT WE WILL OVERCOME. (there I feel better)

There are so many more things to taco bout but alas, my phalanges are killing me! More to come, more often we promise! Have fun, be safe and we’ll see you poolside.

Dan “he said filter balls heh heh” Black on behalf of your Shannon Park Pool Board

PS: Now is the time you should be thinking – you know what, I want to play a bigger part in this great experiment! Reach out to us to talk about joining the board and leading the future of the pool!