Let’s Taco Bout 2018

I know, I know – I don’t want to either because it means we have to finally admit to ourselves the 2017 summer season is officially over. Don’t think of it as over, over but rather summer fun taking a long winters nap whilst Frolicky Fall and Jack Frost come out to play only to reborn again like the Phoenix from the ashes next spring!

GET 2017 RATES for 2018 BY REGISTERING EARLY! The registration page is up and running to early register. We would like to do some additional work to the pool including: lights and plumbing, expanded deck, some grounds clearing, more chairs. If we can get 100 or 150 people to join early we’ll have the moola to do it. The link will be active for about 30 days. Unfortunately, membership rates (just like gas this month) will be going up in 2018, not by much, but up none the less. Important note: WE AT THE BOARD KNOW, for some of our families early registration may be a financial stretch, and like all good democracies governed by common sense we value our diversity. So in the spirit of common sense, if this creates a challenge for you or your family please message me privately and we’ll work out a solution which is suitable for all. THANKS! Blam – world problems solved.

I’d like to take a moment to remind you of some pivotal moments during the summer:

  • Membership Breaks 200 Chair Prices Escalate in the Charlotte Area
  • Membership looks on in mixture of bizarre horror and delight as dads demolish unicorn floaty
  • Tom thwarts Lokie pleases Thor
  • The Sharks win a Swim Meet!
  • Snack options continue to expand in the Shark Shack
  • We actually have financials! (thanks Eleanor)
  • Guards admit – sometimes they worry more about the adults – especially when it comes to diving
  • “The boys” transform pool to a rave complete with glowing beach balls
  • Not ONE cornea was burned during the Solar Eclipse of 2017

If you can think of other cool summer happenings please post them on the FB page https://www.facebook.com/ShannonParkPool/#.

Thanks all for  great summer! Have an awesome fall and winter! Don’t forget to register early. If you have questions please contact the appropriate board member by using the links here.

Thanks for all you do!

Dan “who am I gonna write to now?” Black
on behalf of your Shannon Park Pool Board