Swim Lessons with Shelby

Learn to swim at Shannon Park!

Shelby Parrott has been a staple at Shannon Park since she was little. You’ll recognize her as one of our lifeguards and as the head coach of our very own Sharks! Swim Team. Shelby uses her experience swimming competitively for 12 years to improve the skills of swimmers at all levels. If you have a little one you want to ensure gets the training they need to swim independently, or you want to work on getting that breast stroke back in shape, Shelby can help! As a certified lifeguard, she has all the training and certifications necessary to provide a fun and safe learning environment. Please email her directly to coordinate scheduling and payment.

Instructor: Shelby Parrot

Rates: $20 for 30 minutes (per swimmer)

Availability: Before pool hours and during pool hours depending on her lifeguard schedule.

Adult swim group: Shelby is also offering to coach a group of adult experienced swimmers. Will hold one or two one-hour practices per week depending on interest. $5 per class.