It's not too late to join!

Summer's beastly 117° days are nearly upon us. Take the plunge, join the pool, never look back.

Summertime & the swimming is easy.

News and Updates

The. Pool. Is. OPEN!

4:00 PM, Friday, May 24th—it's the moment we've all been waiting for. The gates will be open and the water will be oh, so sweet. Now for some light pool reading material: The past few weeks have been challenging to say the least (more on that in a minute), but  (keep reading...)

Swim team registration is open!

Hey Swim Team Parents! Welcome to the 2019 Season! If we don’t know each other, my name is Dan Black, and I am a FIRST TIME swim team coordinator attempting to fill the shoes of the incredible Claire Helm who has been diligently leading this role for years. So …  (keep reading...)

Well that escalated quickly!

That’s right friends! We are up over 200 Memberships!!! Whoo hoo … and … WOW it’s a lot different from the days when we only had 65, but … it’s … AWESOME!!!! 60 NEW Families have joined our rag tag group and we had 136 come back for another adventure!  (keep reading...)

more news & updates …



The reason we have so many long-time members is because of the people we spend our summer days with. More than the great pool, it’s the people who make Shannon Park special.



Aside from 3000 cubic feet of sparkling aquatic fun (with a high dive), we also have a fenced-in kiddie pool where many of our families begin their love affair with Shannon Park.



You could spend thousands for an annual membership to a fancy pool on the other side of town, or just a few hundred for refreshing summer fun here at an East Charlotte landmark.

Near Lang Van!

Lazy summer days sometimes means picking up takeout.  Fortunately, one of Charlotte’s best restaurants, Lang Van, is a convenient, nearby option. Yum, Lang Van.